Human Achievement In Motion 



We were responsible for photo transmission and workflow for a dozen venues spread across the Rio metro area in addition to several remote and robotic cameras. That meant being on the ground over a month before the games began to install and test the network, cameras, and workflow. With a significantly smaller staff, we needed to leverage technology to expand our coverage.



We had to mount network hardware and cameras weeks ahead of time in catwalks, on rooftops, and in other challenging locations, indoors and outdoors. Additionally, we had to ensure that they would perform accurately weeks later at a moment's notice to capture critical sports history.


Budgets were much smaller than in the past and static & robotic remote cameras had to be utilized to maximize our coverage with fewer boots on the ground. Utilizing remote technology, we were able to photograph at venues around Rio from our main office with the images transmitting directly where they needed to go live from the camera. At times, a single operator could photograph multiple events at the same time from one computer screen.


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A Chorus Of Equality For All



Our client was a Platinum Sponsor for NYC Pride 2019 with activations across the city during Pride Week and a massive presence in the marquee parade. We needed to coordinate our photographers, assistants, and editors around the city to delivery images with a very short turnaround time for our client.



A parade and event at this scale has a major impact on communication and logistics. Cell phone signals are blocked by the massive crowds and transportation is blocked by the parade route. Even with technological advances, we had to have a very detailed plan and coordinated effort down to the minute to ensure we could produce and deliver outstanding images fast.


With live events, there are no second chances. With the parade route going through skyscraper shadows and then into bright overhead sunlight, maintaining proper exposure and beautiful images was one of the highest priorities. We devised a rig with a 500WS studio strobe directly with our cameras on the client's main float to make images that look like they were shot in a studio with controlled lighting vs on 6th Avenue in Manhattan at noon.

Professional Consistency at Every Level



The client was holding an intimate consortium with notable guests, speakers, and the entire executive committee in one location at one time. We were asked to document their event and create portraits of the executive members on location in Palo Alto, CA.



In working around luminaries and executives, knowing when and how to photograph is key. Asking the CEO for a photo during a cocktail party is a special dance that requires communication, poise, and experience to know when and how to interrupt, direct the shot, and make a perfectly exposed photo in just a few seconds.


We set up a full studio outside the meeting space before the event kicked off in order to capture the executive portraits the client needed and so that they would not have to stray far from the event space. We were able to capture the portraits, have the executives choose their favorite images on the live monitor on set, and pace up before the first guests arrived.


Our systematic approach is expertly designed, engineered, and optimized for split-second, iconic moments to give you raw, stunning photos in almost real-time. We offer the simplest, most secure, and adaptive solution available to manage your project. Read our case studies to see how we adapt to a variety of locations, event types, and shooting parameters to deliver outstanding photography.


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